Big Sean Says Ludacris Beef is just Free Promo

Big Sean Says Ludacris Beef is just Free Promo

Though rapper Ludacris recently dissed rappers Drake and Big Sean on his latest mixtape "21 Gigawatts", rapper Big Sean isn't buying into the beef, and talked about how being from Detroit makes a person look at things differently.

"For me, I’m from Detroit. So when it’s real beef, beef ain’t safe where I’m from. It’s real dangerous. I never really considered it no type of beef. I really looked at it as free promotion for me, especially from something I said over a year ago. I ain’t know that people hang onto things that much.”

But even the disses from the hip hop vet Ludacris are not getting the young rapper down, as he is working on his sophomore album and the G.O.O.D. Music compilation LP, and he even wishes Luda well, saying:

“If somebody says something bad about me, I’m like oh well. But the fact that it was a year later and he’s still hanging onto it… But you know, it’s all love. I ain’t got nothing against dude at all, for real. I hope he has a great year for real.”

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