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Ice-T Launches New Podcast With Digital Agency The Paragon Collective.

Posted By on December 30, 2013

Rapper Ice T has announced that he will be launching a new podcast entitled “Final Level” beginning at the top of the year.

The podcast starts on January 7th and will run twice a month. Ice T recently spoke about his new venture and how it just made sense.

“Podcasting is a great next step for me and my guy. It’s an uncensored medium, and it’s a direct connection with my fans,” Ice-T said.  ”Mick Benzo and I can explore any topic we’re interested in without restrictions, from video games to philosophy to rap and rock. And I also don’t have to leave my crib.”

The digital agency Ice linked up with also released a statement.

“We believe Ice has one of the most earnest and distinct voices in the entertainment industry. Whether he’s rapping, acting or talking about the First Amendment, his fans appreciate what he has to say and what he stands for,” a rep for Paragon stated.


The first episode of “Final Level” will feature Ice talking about his role on the hit television show “Law & Order: SVU” and how some fans can’t separate his role on the show with his rap persona.

You can catch the podcast on iTunes and Ice T’s website starting January 7th.