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50 Cent Update

Posted By on June 20, 2002

Looks like Eminem sees dollar signs when he looks at NY emcee, 50 Cents. What started as a rumor on HipHopSite.Com has been confirmed by LAUNCH, 50 Cents is now apparently apart of the Aftermath family. According to LAUNCH, the rapper has inked a deal with Em and Dr. Dre and will drop his next album on Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment distributed by Interscope Records.

50 Cents shot to popularity after releasing the song “How To Rob”, a fantasy-filled, tongue-in-cheek joint where 50 rhymes about robbing rappers in the industry. The song prompted negative responses from the likes of Big Pun, Ghostface Killa and Jay-Z.

50 Cent dropped his debut, Power of the Dollar in 1999 to little fanfare, but hopes with the backing of Dre and Em, he can get above ground.