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Ashton gets Punkd by Black Eyed Peas

Posted By on May 3, 2004

One of Ashton Kutcher’s latest “Punk’d” episodes recently went awry when members of The Black Eyed Peas and their entourage began fighting with fake cops in on the prank.

According to Webx.com, front man Will. I. Am was an accomplice to punk his band mates Taboo and Apl. De. Ap. However, crewmembers reportedly grew heated and susp!cious of a prank involving cops.

When one of the fake cops simulated that he was going to cuff Will, an entourage member responded by punching the pretending officer in the jaw. The Peas’ and its entourage apparently didn’t find the prank funny even after The “Punk’d” staff revealed the joke.

It is not known whether the fight will be aired during the new season premiering this spring.