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Bad Boy Da Band

Posted By on September 29, 2003

Album Title: Too Hot For T.V.
Album release date: September 30, 2003
Single: “Bad Boy This Bad Boy That”
Label: Bad Boy
Websites: badboyonline.com

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Track List

1. We Here Intro
2. My Life
3. Living Legends
4. Tonight
5. How U Like Me Now
6. I Like Your Style
7. What We Gonna Do
8. Why
9. Stick Up
10. Whatchu Be Doin Interlude
11. Chopped Up
12. Bad Boy This Bad Boy That
13. Do You Know
14. Hold Me Down
15. Cheers To Me Mr. Bentley
16. They Know
17. Go Steady
18. Holla (Outro)

Bad Boy’sDa Band Biography

As the stars of the top rated MTV reality series, “Making the Band,” the collective have become an instant hip-hop mainstay,
capturing the hearts of the masses as the public watches them live out their career triumphs and tribulations weekly. These six
individuals were chosen in July 2003 after battling over 40,000 wannabe’s to not only become the featured group on Making the Band,
but also received a Bad Boy/Universal recording contract. In September of 2003 they will launch their first self titled CD. Meet the
talented six members.

Sara-The Survivor
“My greatest fear was not being successful in life” says Sara Stokes in her Midwest twang. As the oldest member of Da Band, the sexy
26-year-old songstress, of Port Huron, MI had been trying to enter the music scene since she was 18 years-old and had just begun the
production on her solo independent album before she beat out almost 40,000 contestants for not only, a place on the team, but as the
only R&B member of Bad Boy’s Da Band. Since her first appearance on MTV’s Making of the Band, Sara has received rave reviews from
media and fans alike. The fact that Sara has been happily married for seven years and has three children to whom she’s extremely
dedicated, has resulted in the development of several fan based websites dedicated to her, talent, beauty and driven vibe.

Dylan-The Rebel
Respected for his untouc
hable Caribbean Reggae/Hip Hop flow, and notorious for his distinctive mesmerizing voice, Dylan whom has
also been characterized as the rebellious group member, always manages to bring a dramatic twist to most episodes.

As a small child, Dylan moved back to his family’s war conflicted homeland of Grenada from Flatbush, Brooklyn, where he began
supporting his family by planting corn. Although working daily in the field, he became enamored with music. Years later back in
Flatbush, Brooklyn, he took his love of music to the streets where he became a reggae DJ and eventually sold his own dubplates and
mixed CD’s to the streets. Unfortunately, Dylan turned towards the ills of the streets and had a run in with the law. Since his
release he’s made a promising life decision.

“All my life I’ve been surrounded by everything from hustlers to gangsters,” the 24 year old says about coming up. I got caught up
in the street game, but fortunately I got saved. I’m never going back to that, music is my only focus. There’s no stopping me now,
I’m gonna become a legend.”

Chopper-The Wild Card
When asked recently by a reporter to describe his fantasy date Chopper’s answer was “the date when I get a deal.” With confidence
and persistence brewing, he knows, the days of hustling, drugs and life based on crime lived in uptown New Orleans are over.

“That wasn’t me,” Chopper reflects. “I couldn’t just stand outside and sell for another man. I never wanted to do that, put my life
in somebody else’s hands. I’ve been set up and in trouble. I’ve experienced it all.”

Trained and tested, Chopper earned his rapping chops the old fashioned way, going around N.O. battling any up and coming MC who
wanted to spit. Inspired by the success of the Hot Boyz, he pursued his dream of becoming a recording artist steadfastly and
eventually won a spot on MTV’s Making the Band II.

Babs Bunny-The Warrior
Hailing from Brooklyn, the breeding ground for some of hip-hop’s most acclaimed MCs, Babs knows that every line she emits has to be
head spinning… and so it is. Her relentless rhyme style had been cultivated the past couple of years as she had not only recorded
her own demos but had been independently shopping a record deal, before signing with Bad Boy.

In between dropping searing lines in ciphers and recording material, she worked as an usher in an off-Broadway public theater so
she’s use to drama. The fights and antics of her teammates in “Making the Band” didn’t faze her. Especially since everyone grew
tight like a family.

“At first we really didn’t like each other because we didn’t know each other. You got six different people, everybody wanted to call
shots, but now we understand each other better. It takes time.”

Ness-The Thinker.
Oddly enough, the usually levelheaded, Ness had his life changed around by some unfortunate mishaps and bad judgments. While serving
almost a year in prison in 2000 in a Delaware County Prison for a drug charge, he earned his moniker and honed his skills competing
in lyrical fights in the yards.

After establishing himself as the king of the hill, and given the title “the lethal wordsmith,” Ness knew he had to pursue music
full time upon his release. “This is not only my second shot at a career, it is my second shot at life, I can’t blow it. I know Da
Band is the foundation for everything,” Ness explains. Without them I wouldn’t be here and I’m grateful for this opportunity.”
Noticing that Ness was mature, focused and unstoppable, early on Puffy labeled him the team captain to oversee the other members of
the band.

Outside of his ventures with Da Band, Ness runs Rest Ya Neck, an entertainment company that specializes in hosting events.

Fredrick-The Soldier
“Everybody is going to see how six different personalities can gel and form one hell of a an album!” 21-, Frederick, from Liberty
City, an rban section of Miami, discloses his anxious excitement surrounding the release of Da Band’s debut.

Known by diehard fans as the wittiest and most comical of the bunch, his charm has obviously carried him through, past early teen
crime and into a circle of friends and fellow MC’s that not only had his back throughout the years, but convinced him that between
his distinguished, dirty growl and poignant lyrics, he had enough potential to put him on the map. So he used the same fervor he had
with past rime and channeled it into making music. Now with a recording contract in tow, Fred is still learning life lessons

“It goes further than just going in the booth and recording.” “It’s a business side to this and once you realize that, everything is
simple. Our group has always been rich with talent. Now that we’ve learned how to work together and the consequences of not working
together, our team can’t be stopped. We have it together now.”