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Bill Cosby To Release Hip-Hop Album

Posted By on April 15, 2008

    Bill Cosby, the legendary comic and actor, and longtime critic of Hip-Hop music, announced he will be releasing a Hip-Hop album called Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State Of Emergeny. According to Billboard.com, the album will not feature raps by Cosby but rather integrate positive messages drawn from his books with song lyrics. The album will be a companion to Bill Cosby's 07 book called Come On People: On The Path From Victims To Victors, in which Cosby examines the state of Black American and gives solutions to overcome lack of education, crime and broken homes.

    Cosby is well-known for voicing his opinion of Hip-Hop's negative content and it's influence on young Black Americans. Ced-Gee, a producer well known for putting together KRS-One's 1987 Criminal Minded album, will help Cosby along with SupaNova Slom, Jace The Great and Brother Hahz on the album.