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Bone Crusher Should Be Scared…New Lawsuit Opens

Posted By on July 20, 2003

Jackson, Mississippi artists Reese & Bigelow are preparing to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit against Bone Crusher and Arista Records for the hit single “Never Scared.”

Reese, who claims he purchased the track from ATL producer Avery Johnson and recorded verses with both Bone Crusher and Killer Mike for the single “Neva Sked” off the duo’s fall 2002 Playa Music LP, explained, “They have infringed upon my sound recording copyright…it’s the exact same song…the same music
…same vocals and the exact performances that I paid for…”
Reese added, “I’m looking to expose the truth…I just want to let people judge
for themselves …He ruined a lot of good relationships over this one song…I know
Bone’s been trying for a long time, but we’ve been at it a long time too…we were