Crooked I releases new diss to DMX

Crooked I releases new diss to DMX

Crooked I released a new diss to DMX, where he starts off saying "Mother Fuck D, Mother Fuck M the only X i know is XXX fosho." Crooked raps over the "I'm Throwed" beat that Jermaine Dupri did for Paul Wall.

Crooked gets real controversial on this one, as he disses the hell out of DMX. This resulted from recent coments DMX made about the West Coast, here is a portion of what X said: "I don't like a lot of West Coast rappers. West Coast rap is too laid back, too focused on marijuana with all the blunts and lowriders. There's nothing honest. There's no hardship in it. Everyone in L.A. that raps has a lowrider and a fat blunt. There's nothin' to make you say, 'I can relate to that.'"

Crooked was one of many rappers who took offence to those statements, so he decided to air out his feelings on wax.

Listen to Crooked I "Im Throwed DMX Diss"

Source: DUBCNN  

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