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DJ Muggs Mashes Up New Sound

Posted By on April 5, 2004

FM2 Radio and Superadio have joined forces with DJ Muggs (Mega Producer/DJ from world-renowned Cypress Hill, Pearl Jam, Ice Cube, U2, Janet Jackson, and Depeche Mode to name a few…) to produce his new nationally syndicated radio show; “Mash-Up Radio.”

When asked what motivated him to do this radio show, Muggs said, “I have been doing Rock and Hip-Hop for a while now and I am always looking for new ways to expand the music and bridge the gaps of Rock fans listening to Hip-Hop and vice versa. Doing remixes is a good way to reach the kids that would not normally listen to that kind of music.”

“Mash-Up Radio” is a two hour Hip-Hop/Rock mix show. Muggs will create original Mash Ups for every show, as well as play various Mash Up mixes from DJ’s around the globe.” Muggs will debut original never-before heard Mash-Ups such as Metallica vs. Bone Crusher, Busta vs. Linkin Park, Rage against the Machine vs. DMX, and 50 Cent vs. Devo, etc.

Muggs also created “THE ROCK SUPERSTAR ” album in order to springboard the nation into gear for “Mash Up Radio.” “ROCK SUPERSTAR” hosts stellar combinations such as MALCOM X with TUPAC & RANCID, 50 CENT & NIRVANA, BIGGIE AND DAVID BOWIE (called “BIGGIE BOWIE”), EMINEM raps over THE EAGLES, and a most interesting dubbed interview between Muggs and JIMMY HENDRIX! This is the beginning of a phenomenon!

“I try to explain the idea to people and they don’t get it, so I put this “ROCK SUPERSTAR ” Album together. ‘Cuz it’s like a deer in the headlights when they hear the stuff!”

Muggs is going to be the leader in this Mash Up revolution, with his new show “Mash-Up Radio.”