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DJ Quik speaks on his work with Mariah Carey

Posted By on June 20, 2002

DJ Quik is one of the producers who have worked on new material with Mariah Carey, who recently signed a recording contract with the Island Def Jam music group. Quik, the beatsmith behind Truth Hurts’ R&B single “Addictive,” said that he and Carey have worked on one uncompleted track.

Quik recently explained the feel of the song. “It’s kinda summery. It’s like a real happy track, 808-driven, warm. It’s like my old stuff, like stuff I used to do, like, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Black,’ like all my old records.”

After their initial meeting, Quik said Carey did not hesitate to work with him. “I met her through a friend of mine. My boy Benny introduced me to her. She said she likes my music,” he said. “I told her I’d always been a fan of hers, ‘Let’s get in the studio and work.’ And usually when you say that it’s always just like Hollywood talk, ‘Hey, hey, hey, let’s do lunch. Ha. Bye. Bye. Bye.’ But she was like serious. So we got in the studio and started working. That’s what I like, that reality.”

DJ Quik’s album, Under Tha Influence, was released earlier this month. “Trouble” featuring AMG is the album’s first single. He is preparing to release the Paul Simon interpolation “50 Ways” as the album’s second single.