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Eddie Griffin Crashes Enzo while Promoting Redline

Posted By on April 6, 2007


 While doing promotion for the upcomming movie Redline, Eddie Griffin crashes a Ferrari Enzo into a wall. Also at the track that day was JD, Bow Wow, Wycliff and even Jackie Chan. You can catch Wycliff and Eddie in the movie along with Stacey Dash.

"Redline" is an auto/action thriller that features the personal exotic car collection of the producer, real estate investor Daniel Sadek. Sadek who is financing the $26 million movie used his own cars including a Phantom Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Murcielago, Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari F430, Ferrari Scaglietti and two Mercedes SLR McLarens. Sadek's $450,000 Porsche Carrera GT is actually crashed during one sequence. Eddie Griffin accidentally crashed and destroyed the Enzo Ferrari, one of only 400 ever produced.