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Eightball & MJG Want To Help Stop School Violence, Record PSA & Tour Schools Talking To Kids

Posted By on March 12, 2008

Memphis schools, like so many of those in other cities around the U.S., has been hit recently with a rash of violence and rappers Eightball & MJG want to help. The ledendary rap duo are starting a series of school visits and conversations with children directly, not to mention recently recording a public service announcement denouncing teen violence which will air in and around Memphis next week. Eightball told a site “It’s really just a small step into what really need to be done,” “We’ve just been having a lot of school violence, a lot of violence period in Memphis. More than we’ve ever seen in a long time. And it’s just been spilling over into the schools.” The group will soon start the two-week tour of the cities' school's, “Hopefully we’ll be a voice that the young kids will listen to and we can get other people in our area to kinda get on board with us. ‘Cause both me and MJ, we got kids in the Memphis City Schools system, and we just wanna be a part of the solution. The people in power in Memphis already look at Hip-Hop as being a part of the problem," Eightball said.

Since the start of the current school year, Memphis has had three seperate serious incidents of gun violence, each at different schools. “The stop the violence thing, we tryna do it as soon and as quick as
possible,” Eightball continued. “Everywhere we go, the parents and the
teachers, they tell us that nobody else capture their attention like we
do. They bring doctors, they bring lawyers, they bring firemen,
policemen, you name it. Then they bring somebody like us [the children] be quiet when they supposed to; they listen; they ask more questions.”