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Hay Stack signed to Def Jam

Posted By on December 10, 2002

If you havent heard of Haystak yet, you’ll probably be seeing a whole lot of him soon.  Def Jam South recently bought out his contract from Koch Entertainment / In The Paint and Haystak’s manager Sonny Paradise has signed him over to the label that made Ludacris a household name.  Haystak is probably the most well-known artist from Nashville, TN.  Haystak has been on the grind now for about 5 years.   He released his debut album “Mak Million” in 1998, followed by “Car Fulla White Boys” in 2000.  In 2002 he dropped “The Natural” and “Return Of The Mak Million” was scheduled for release in late 2002, but was evidentally delayed or cancelled due to this deal.

  Def Jam South had been looking to sign a white rapper for quite some time now, meeting with various rappers from different parts of the south.  Face decided it was Haystak that had what he wanted. 

  Now the journey begins, with widespread attention he will be getting from the media, many eyes and ears will waiting to see what he can deliver.