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Hip Hop Colony The Movie

Posted By on April 6, 2007

Growing up in Africa, the screens have always shown the glamour of America. Africans have grown up watching American stories, having American aspirations.  While the American interaction with the continent of Africa, has been and still is, limited to the adverse images of war, feminine and disease. The refreshing images reflect jungles and the rich wildlife. Very little has been done to boost the urban and modernized images of Africa. Its true Africa has its fair share of shortcomings, no continent is exempted from its share of flaws, but now, there is a new Africa that's boiling with opportunities. Emerge Media Films, do just that with their latest offering, Hip Hop Colony – a film about the African Hip-hop explosion is part of the QD3 collection series and will be exclusively distributed by Image Entertainment through out north America (U.S. & Canada) The title will be available on DVD April 3rd 2007.

The film which has captivated film festival audiences all over the World and won three major awards, including the prestigious Hip Hop Odyssey, for best documentary feature, continues to make significant cultural strides, having been selected to screen at different colleges across the States, including Harvard.