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Hot 97 Beats out Howard Stern

Posted By on July 18, 2003

NEW YORK-The radio report-cards for NYC have recently been released with a number of surprises. With the release of Star and Buckwild during the month of May, the listeners have made a statement about the Hot 97 Morning Show and its new host. It seems that the Sway Morning Show has beat out the Howard Stern Show for the #1 spot in NYC. With celebrity guest that included P. Diddy, The Lox, Keith Murray and even Ashanti, the morning show has managed to make everyone in the tri-state area take another look at the popularity of the show. Sway has even went as far as to have “call-girls” on his show in order to keep the ears peeled to the radio. This news comes as a breath of fresh air to Sway who was boo’ed at this years HOT 97 Summer Jam and who recently walked off the show but later returned after a few “re-negotiating” sessions with management.