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Houston TX rapper Chingo Bling inks deal with Asylum; Preps new album

Posted By on July 24, 2007

With an independent empire consisting of
music, bobble heads, custom boots and hot sauce listed on his resume,
Houston rapper Chingo Bling isn't a guy to take handouts, but when
Asylum Records wanted to hand him a label deal, he was all over it.

Latino rapper has inked a partnership with Asylum Records for his own
Big Chile Enterprises imprint where he plans to release his next album,
They Can't Deport Us All.

Why did he get this deal
though? The Latin rapper is kind of out there. At first glance, you
might think Chingo Bling is a joke, a novelty of sorts with his
10-gallon hat, Nike swooshed ostrich boots, and his Mexican flag
inspired diamond grill, but with a cult-like following, he's proved
being different is oh so sweet.

Yes, Chingo is hard to miss. He
appropriates all of the typical hip-hop accoutrements, and flips them
into something that is not only 100% him, but also represents his

"Everyone wants to look like everyone else and talk
about the same old sh–," Chingo reflects. "Hardly anybody today has
their own style, their own voice. You gotta find what you're about, and
these days people aren't about too much. I represent for my people, the
millions of Mexican Americans who started with nothing and really found
their way."

Chingo started out much like most rappers do today
— releasing mixtapes and making sure he showed his face at every major
event in his Texas. After realizing he could capitalize off of more
than music, he branched off into merchandise and street marketing
before ever releasing an official CD. This brilliant marketing plan
sparked one of the strongest movements in the South, with Chingo
becoming one of the most recognized faces in Houston hip-hop.

successful independent grind sparked the attention of the majors and a
serious bidding war began, but after it was all said and done, New York
based Asylum Records came out victorious. Via his newly inked deal with
the label, Asylum will provide Big Chile Enterprises with creative
freedom and allow the label to stay independent, with major, worldwide,

"I passed on all the TLC deals," Chingo reveals of
his choice. "I wanted the Cash Money, No Limit, Ray Charles type deal,
so they brought out the big check books. I'm still independent, but
with distribution. Look what we as Big Chile Enterprises have done
independently, just think what were 'bout to do now, stay tuned to the
Chingo Bling Show!"

They Can't Deport Us All, the first
release in the joint venture, will feature a who's who list of Southern
heavyweights including Paul Wall, Trae, Fat Pat, Big Pokey, N.O.R.E.
and Pitbull, as well as rising Bay Area star Mistah Fab, and Baby Bash.

first single is the Carnival Beats produced "Like This and Like That,"
which will be accompanied by a revolutionary video, taking listeners on
a journey across the border with a Mexican immigrant.

"I'm not
gonna be preachy on every bar." He explains, "I'm talking about all
kinds of stuff. I got the hustlers perspective on there, I'm flossin' a
little bit. But the video paints a picture, showing what an immigrant
goes through and how a person could come to this country, really not
hurting nobody, really just working. That's really the main gist of the
song, but in terms of the movement, I think that we need a little bit
more understanding."

They Can't Deport Us All is slated for release August 14.