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Kid Rock Prepping Album Full Of ‘Bangers’

Posted By on January 23, 2007

After a rugged late 2006, Kid Rock says he's "back focusing what I do best — music." The genre-blending Detroit artist is hard at work on his eighth album, which will be his first of new material since 2003's "Kid Rock."

Rock — who divorced media starlet Pamela Anderson in November, after just four months of marriage, then mourned the December the death of Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, a close friend — tells Billboard.com that he hopes to have the album done and finished "soon — this year for sure. There's no way I want another year to go by."
says. "I've never had things lined up like that, ever. It's always been, 'We'll give you a million dollars cash if you put a record out in the fourth quarter.' 'Hell yeah!' But this record I really want to set up the right way."

Rock says the material is leaning towards hard rock — "I've got an album of bangers," he declares — and that there's a lot of it. "We've got so much sh*t we're trying to narrow down so I can finish it off. It's f*cking tedious."

Rock confirms that Rick Rubin is helping with the album, though not in a primary producing role. "He's just been doing editing and listening to songs, talking about a lot of stuff," Rock explains. "He's had some good suggestions so far, good direction." Rock doesn't foresee many guests on the album, though he's courting Fats Domino to make an appearance.

One thing he hopes to do, however, is design a full-scale campaign for the album's release, which, surprisingly, is something he says he's never done before.
"I'd like to give it six months time — put out a single, start doing radio promotions, the whole thing," Rock