KRS-1 Disses Nelly on new Single

KRS-1 Disses Nelly on new Single

KRS-One has teamed with Warren G. and Japanese rapper Lil ‘ AI to drop the first single from the QD3 movie Beef.

“Let’s Go (It’s A Movement”) is hitting radio stations this week. A video shot by Casey Suchan is scheduled to hit BET, MTV and other outlets.

“KRS is such an incredible person. I don’t believe this film would have been complete without him, and now that he’s on the soundtrack, we expect big, big, things.” Suchan said.

According to KRS One’s reps, there is another track on the Beef DVD soundtrack which is being touted as the “official” Nelly ids record.

In related news, KRS recently teamed with Arethra Franklin and recorded “I Remember” for his Double Trouble album, which is a collaboration between KRS and Mad Lion.

The song celebrates the 30th anniversary of hip-hop and will hit stores in November. KRS’ book, “Ruminations” is in stores. The Blastmaster recently hit the road on the The Knowledge Speaks Tour.

Source: All Hip Hop

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