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MIMS Denies Taunting 50 Cent

Posted By on May 23, 2007

In the wake of reports that MIMS made disparaging remarks against 50 Cent, the "Hot" MC took time to holler at SOHH to set the record straight regarding the alleged controversial statements.

Statements on the net where MIMS was quoted as saying "50 Cent should be worried," and went on to say, "I can see why 50's jealous. If I was on top of my game and all the money and women like him, I would feel worried if some new rapper blew up in the clubs too."

In an effort to clear up any confusion and put an end to the rumor, MIMS reached out to SOHH, claiming that he was misquoted and that he never uttered such words.

"I'm currently overseas in Germany, London and France on a promotional tour for the international release of my album Music Is My Savior," MIMS told SOHH. "It has come to my attention that rumors of me making certain statements about 50 Cent are circulating the internet throughout the US. Basically, without getting into details these statements are false…"

"Every interview I've been in I actually spoken highly of 50 Cent," he continued. "I've made remarks saying I respect his work and his ambition and also his business methods. I also made a comment saying that I believe his next album is going to be his best one yet. I think it's going to be an album strictly about making music. The fame is there. The money is there. He is financially comfortable in my opinion. So I believe it's going to be a different album with a different focus. I don't know 50 Cent personally, nor do I know what his worries are. So it isn't my business to comment on that. I'm not sure where certain statements come from….but simply not from my mouth."