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Mixtape Website Shook, Removes CDs From Online Store

Posted By on January 23, 2007

MixUnit.com, one of the Internet's premiere mixtape carriers, removed its entire mixtape inventory from its online store after the recent targeting of DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon were arrested and charged with federal racketeering charges last week, in addition to having 81,000 of their CDs confiscated.

While MixUnit.com has removed it's stock of street CDs from the site, it still remains devoted to the mixtape community and has issued a statement.

"The DJs and their influences have forever been the cornerstone of hip-hop, as DJs have long been tastemakers and leaders in the field of artist promotion. Mixtapes have forever served as a platform for artists to promote their music in a form unique to hip-hop, and our allegiance lies with the DJs and the culture they've helped create," MixUnit said.

Similar to Marc Ferman's situation with Mixtape.com, MixUnit plans to continue operating, specializing in hip-hop inspired clothing and street DVDs, among other items.

"We plan to remain the leader in bringing you the best and newest hip-hop music, entertainment and fashion," MixUnit continued, "[and] are currently making every effort to alleviate the confusion between DJs, mixtapes and bootlegging and work towards a solution that benefits everybody involved."

Mixtapes have long come under fire from organizations like the RIAA, but have managed to not only survive but thrive in recent years. The outcome of the RIAA's case against DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon bears a huge impact on both the mixtape and hip-hop industry.