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MTV names their top 10 Rappers

Posted By on July 30, 2007

MTV's hip hop brain trust has designed a list of the top ten hottest MCs in the game. Comprised of Tuma Basa, Sway Calloway, Joseph Patel and many others, this is the list that the collective came up with:

10. Jim Jones
9. Common
8. 50 Cent
7. Jay-Z
6. Young Jeezy
5. Kanye West
4. Andre 3000
3. Game
2. T.I.
1. Lil Wayne


Dont really agree wtih Young Jeezy or Common (he's hot and his conscience rap is good but i prefer Guru for that). Its all opinions and they had a pretty large group of people talking and arguing but definitely should of been more people and a bigger standard for ranking them. For example should of looked at time in the game, lyrics, albums released, fans, than lastly sales.

If Rap Basement was to do a list of top 10 artists out right now they would be the following:

10. Chamillionaire
9. Three 6 mafia
8. UGK
7. Ludacris
6. Jay Z
5. Kanye West
4. The Game
3. 50 Cent
2. T.I.
1. Lil Wayne

Just missing out on our list due to lack of involvement or too new to the game are Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Rich Boy, Bone Thugs and Clipse.