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Nas Tries to Lynch Jay-Z?

Posted By on July 1, 2002

Hot 97 has responded to comments by Nas regarding his decision not to perform at Summer Jam. Here is their statement regarding the Summer Jam controversy, in part:

On the day of the show, it was brought to the attention of HOT 97’s management that Nas had erected a 12-foot high gallows on-stage and was planning a fake LYNCHING of Jay-Z on stage during his set. We as a radio station feel we have a responsibility to our audience and could not condone this type of simulated violence on stage in front of 16,000 people some of which included children.

The station asked Nas to perform without the lynching. Nas refused and chose to not perform at the show.

HOT 97 DID NOT tell Nas that he couldn’t talk about Jay-Z nor did we tell him he couldn’t perform specific songs. What happens on the mic at Summer Jam is up to the artists. Verbal battles are a part of Hip Hop, but the station’s management felt the lynching went too far.

Again, this is Hot 97’s version of the events that took place and their subjective opinion of the disagreement.