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Nelly bringen you to the Nellyville Carnival

Posted By on June 21, 2002

Universal Record’s multi-platinum rapper, Nelly, is giving fans a
free ride to “Nellyville,” a carnival full of attractions, when they pick up a copy of his new CD, Nellyville due out June 25th. Only fans who own the Nellyville CD get to hit the backstage VIP area at nelly.net to play the new Nellyville game and gain access to exclusive music and videos.

After going to the backstage VIP area at nelly.net and registering your “playa” name and gender with your Nellyville CD, participants enter the animated “Nellyville” carnival, where they are personally greeted by Nelly. Then, he leads you into the “Nellyville” carnival and its attractions. A member of the St. Lunatics hosts each carnival game.

As you work your way through each game, the “playa” accumulates points. The games ending depends on the score you received, a high score treats you to a scene of animation with Nelly heading off into the sunset of his hometown, St. Louis. The “Nellyville” game was created by Pileated Pictures.

Along with the game, fans can also get access to two remixes of Nelly’s “Hot In Herre,” as well as an exclusive never-seen-before video by the St. Lunatics titled “Let Me In.”

Universal has also partnered with Clear Channel to offer fans the chance to pre-order tickets to Nelly’s summer tour before they go on sale to the public. Fans will be able to order tickets for a limited time only through the passwordprotected backstage VIP area