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Nelly House Party

Posted By on January 23, 2003

The AXE House Party: Where Anything Could Happen

Come to a Miami Beach House and party with Nelly, Andrew WK, and

DJ Z-Trip, along with hundreds of beautiful models

CHICAGO (January 13, 2003). In the words of the world’s hottest hip hop megastar, Nelly, the key elements of a house party are three things: “the music needs to be bumpin’, the drinks need to be flowin’, and the ladies need to be thumpin’! From there, it’s all about creating the right vibe so all the people feel comfortable. Then, you know, when you the host, you gotta get out there and show them the way, 4-sho!”

Nelly, Andrew WK and DJ Z-Trip won’t only be taking the stage at the AXE House Party in Miami on March 8, they will also be hanging out and enjoying the greatest house party with the exclusive guests on the invite list. House parties are about creating an individual scene – the place, the crowd, the music, and the stories that are told after it’s all over. The AXE House Party is all that and more because AXE is bringing together all the elements of the best parties and taking it to the next level:

Location: A private beach house mansion on an island in Miami
Girls: Guys getting a chance to meet and party with models and actresses
Music: The AXE House Party is not just great music, but great live music with Nelly, Andrew WK and DJ Z-Trip rockin’ the house
Stories: It’s on an island in Miami, so you can imagine who might show up…

According to Look-Look, a resource on the study of global youth ages 14-30, AXE chose the right acts to kick off the first American AXE House Party. Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” and Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard” both ranked in the top five in a survey of songs that put Look-Look respondents “in the party mood.” AXE is going to show America what the rest of the world already knows – that AXE throws parties with great music and the opportunity for guys and girls to hook up and party together.

Get on the AXE House Party Guest List

Guys and girls 18 and older can get invited to the AXE House Party by visiting www.AXEHouseParty.com. At the website visitors can see a virtual look at what will go down on March 8 at the real deal while testing their “A” game on the digital models milling around www.AXEHouseParty.com.
Nelly Air Force Ones

Audio: http://boss.streamos.com/real/universalmotown/universal/nelly/nellyville/audio/full_length/air_force_ones.ram