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Pastor Troy & Timbaland put in Work

Posted By on June 21, 2002

Pastor Troy recently spoke on the air about some of his new projects coming up. Surprisingly allot of them involve hip hop “mega-producer” Timbaland.

Troy recently finished a song for the “XXX” soundtrack titled “Are You Cuttin” featuring Ms Jade
“XXX” is the new James Bond/ Rebelous Daredevil movie coming out starring “The Fast and the Furious” Van Diesel.
Apparently that’s not the only track Timbaland and Troy have completed as Troy went on record saying “I really do appreciate whatever J.D.(Jermaine Dupri) said to that man because we got a gang of songs done” which kind of hints at a Timbaland featuring Pastor Troy, Jermaine Durpri diss song.

An in case everyone is wondering how Troy and Tim got together in the first place, they met at the Bubba Sparxxx “Lovely” video shoot. Troy says “after that he flew me out to L.A. and showed some love”.

He also plugged his new album titled “Universal Soldier”…. Release date for the project?….. September 11th.