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Pharcyde Returns

Posted By on April 21, 2004

San Diego, CA – (April 20, 2004) – The Pharcyde duo, Imani and Romye AKA Brown today announced a concert at the University of San Diego on April 23rd.2004 with the Roots and C-Lo to take place at the Jenny Craig Pavilion starting at 8:00PM.

Known for their humorous rap lyrics, eccentric narratives and their ability to successfully maintain a unique sound throughout Hip-Hop’s “gangster rap era” is what the Pharcyde is most recognized and respected for. (Brand New Heavies “Passing By;” Labcabincalifornia “Drop” and “Ya Mama”). Fans, as well as many notable Hip Hop artists have often referred to the group’s talent as “the most underrated in Hip-Hop.” The Pharcyde’s lyrical freshness, combined with stellar performances, have earned them staying power within Hip Hop; and set the stage for “Humboldt Beginnings” to be released in June 2004 on their newly assembled record label Chapter One Entertainment.

WHO: Pharcyde, Roots, C-Lo in concert
WHERE: Jenny Craig Pavilion 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA
WHEN: Friday April 23, 2004
TICKETS: www.ticketmaster.com or (619) 260-4600 x-4901