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Pimp Snooky is Alive

Posted By on November 8, 2006

"Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die" – Pimp Snooky

Few years back i caught this pimp on Jerry Springer show. He was pimpin on a whole nother level. Audience members were asking him questions all he was doing was laughing and saying 'Well i got Money'. With his hoes all around him. I later caught Pimp Snooky on a documentary that they made for the UK which just followed him around and showed his life in MILWAUKEE.

Well now thanks to the power of Myspace, Pimp Snooky is still alive and pimpin. He even got up some videos and posts bulletins talken bout pimp shit.  Hit him up and tell him Rap Basement got you up on his pimpin. Pop Pimpin.


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