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R Kelly to sign to Tha Row?

Posted By on June 9, 2002

Is R. Kelly planning to move to THA ROW (formerly Death Row)?

Various recent reports have the indicted and recently out-on-bail R. Kelly being dropped by Jive and signing or working closely west-coast renegade label Tha Row.

The Cris-sipping, bling-blinging multiplatinum “R&B Thug” posted $750,000 bail Thursday afternoon and was released after spending the night in a Florida jail, according to a clerk at the Polk County courthouse. Kelly was arrested Wednesday on 21 counts of child pornography. Kelly and his family live in a rented home in Florida approixmately 20 miles southwest of Walt Disney World.

Under the terms of his agreement with the court, Kelly cannot have any contact with minors other than his children or other blood relatives, cannot leave Florida without the company of his attorney, and he must call the Florida pretrial office weekly until he returns to Chicago, according to Kim Garrett, a spokesperson for the Polk County sheriff’s office. The singer is expected to return to Cook County, Illinois on Friday to be booked.

On Wednesday the Cook County State Attorney’s office handed down an indictment against Kelly that specifies seven prosecutable acts under Illinois child pornography laws, involving intercourse, oral sex, urination, masturbation, exhibition, fondling and other sexual. For each of these acts Kelly is charged with videotaping them, producing the videotape, and performing them in the videotape. All charges relate to one girl born in September 1984.

A warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. The Grammy Award winner had planned on turning himself in to Chicago police Thursday, according to his spokesperson.

Garrett said she was unaware of any deal that Kelly made with Chicago authorities and added that Chicago police contacted the Polk County sheriff’s office and asked for assistance in apprehending the crooner. Kelly was arrested around 5:16 p.m. Wednesday.

Representatives from both R.Kelly’s current label Jive and Tha Row have declined to deny the report.