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Rahzel prepares new album

Posted By on January 16, 2008

Former Roots member and beat-boxer extraordinaire Rahzel is preparing to release the follow up to his 2004 LP, Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts.
According to Billboard.com, the new album, his third solo album since
splitting with the Philadelphia based group, will be called Greatest Knockouts The Album, Vol. 2.
The album will be released on singer Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records and
is due in stores this summer. Rahzel is heading out on tour this month
where he intends to test out some of the new material from the album.
“It’s still hip-hop,” he explained to Billboard.com. “It’s like the
music I grew up on, the music that made all of these things that are
present now in existence. So I’m continuing that with raw beats, raw
rhymes, beat-boxing, rhyming. The whole nine.” Two cuts that will
appear on the album are “Ring the Alarm,” and “Come Fly With Me” which
also features Patton. Rahzel has is also trying his hand at acting,
with a role in the upcoming comedy Doorman. In the years since his last LP, he has kept busy doing voice-over work, and he has a documentary on beat-boxing called the Art of Noise due out this summer.

For those who dont know Rahzel he is the best beat boxer out there. He can make the beat and sing over the beat all at the same time. Here is a video of him killing the beat boxing.