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Remy Ma wanted for questioning on Shooting

Posted By on July 14, 2007

Bronx, New York rapper Remy Ma is being sought in connection with a shooting in Manhattan this morning at 4:00 am.

 While details of the shooting are emerging, sources said that Remy Ma was in the area of W. 14th Street and
Washington Street this morning when she argued with a woman in a blue

Police received a 911 call of a person being shot and found an unidentified woman with a gunshot wound to her lower torso.

Sources stated that the woman shot was a part of Remy Ma's entourage
and that the two may have argued earlier in the evening at a local bar.

Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, allegedly fled the scene after the
shooting and crashed the Escalade a few blocks later, escaping on foot.

The owner of a New York bar that rapper Remy Ma attended before an
early morning shooting this morning (July 14) has issued a statement
denying any altercation took place inside of the establishment.

Sasha Tcherevkoff is the owner of the Pizza Bar. He said that Remy
Ma and an entourage were in the Pizza Bar, but denied reports that a
dispute, which allegedly lead to a violent shooting, started inside of
the bar.

"We've determined that no physical or verbal altercation whatsoever
occurred inside Pizza Bar," Tcherevkoff said in a statement released
today (July 14). "As far as we can determine the entire group behaved
well, enjoyed themselves and there was no incident throughout the
evening. We have been told by the officials close to the investigation
that the genesis, the start of this altercation, happened outside of
our establishment on 8th Avenue and 14th Street and had no connection
whatsoever to Pizza Bar."

Remy Ma and an entourage were alleged involved in a dispute outside of The Pizza Bar in Manhattan.

Shots were fired from the Escalade the rapper was a passenger in and
according to reports, witnesses identified Remy Ma as the shooter.

A 23-year-old female suffered a gunshot wound to her lower torso.
She was taken to Saint Vincent's Hospital and is in stable condition.

 The Escalade fled and crashed into another vehicle a few blocks away
from the scene of the shooting. All of the SUV's occupants and the
occupants escaped on foot.

 Police are still investigating the shooting, which took place around 4:00 am this morning.

 Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, is being sought for questioning in
connection with the shooting, although the actual shooter has yet to be

 Tcherevkoff said that the Pizza Bar's surveillance cameras captured
the entourage in the bar during the evening and that the videotapes
have been turned over to authorities.

 Remy Ma, 27, faces attempted murder charges if she is determined to be the shooter.