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Scarface quits Rapping

Posted By on August 9, 2006

After an illustrious career that spanned nearly 20 years, Scarface recently vowed to never record another solo album.

Though Rap-A-Lot Records has released three Scarface albums in the past three years: 2003’s My Balls and My Word, 2004’s My Homies and 2006’s My Homies Pt.2, the legendary Houston, TX lyricist says 2002’s The Fix was his last solo recording. No more classics here. Mr. Scarface says he’ll never record solo material again.

“I’m not gon’ rap no more at all. Shit, this is not a good business to be in. I’m sure Rap-A-Lot will be releasing a lot of stuff that I did earlier or make stuff. After Rap-A-Lot released My Balls And My Word I knew I wasn’t never do another album again. They just took my old songs, changed the beats and…all that shit that never came out. Just like the My Homies shit, I didn’t do that,” Face explained to SOHH.com. “The Fix was my last album. I’ll never record again. I’ll fuck with my group. Another solo album, no? That [album with] Tupac stuff, all that shit I hear about, I ain’t got shit to do with that.”

Face now plans on focusing on production. He produced several tracks on One Hunnid, from his group The Product and has been tapped to contribute to UGK’s upcoming album. But Face isn’t a newcomer to the boards, he’s been producing for years.

“I did a whole bunch of shit that people just tagged their name on. I did the ‘My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me’ beat. I did ‘I’ve Seen A Man Died.’ I did my whole first album, [Mr. Scarface Is Back]” Face revealed. “My whole career I’ve been doing it. I’ve been making a lot beats, man that people have been taking credit for, making it look like they the producer and I’m just sitting there.”

Source: SOHH