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The Gripping Silence of Death: Examining the Rash of Suicides in Hip Hop

Posted By on May 8, 2013

In a relatively short period of time there has been a number of suicides in the Hip Hop industry with some rather notable names along with some up and coming artists and producers. The odd thing about this is the fact that the atmosphere is so silent that it is deafening. This is a topic that no one wants to discuss, but will it simply disappear if no one acknowledges it?

On Christmas Eve of 2012, Hip Hop fans woke up to the news that 19 year old up and coming underground artist, Capital Steez, had taken his own life. Not only did this young rising star take his own life, like others, he tweeted the last seconds before taking his life. Moments before taking his life, Steez tweeted, “The End”.

Many tend to contemplate the lost potential when something like this happens, but at the root is something more significant. What is happening that has induced this sharp peak in suicides among people that historically have lower suicide rates that the general populace?

Capital Steez posthumous accolades and tributes were exceptional, but the funny thing is the fact that this young man taking his own life, is rarely, if at all mentioned.

Less than two weeks after the death of Steez, Rapper Freddy E took his own life after tweeting a series of haunting tweets:

“It’s…all… bad…y’all. *puts finger around trigger*…I love you Mom…I love you Dad…I love you Katherine…God… please forgive me…I’m sorry.”

The list could go on. The question remains: Will we ever be able to see past the performance and see the pain?

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