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This Weeks Sales

Posted By on November 9, 2006

This week on the Hip Hop charts finds Lil Wayne & Birdman flying high. The “father & son” combination debuted at #3 with Like Father Like Son selling an impressive 176k in its first week. Also debuting this week is Pitbull with El Mariel. Pitbull’s debut didn’t fare as well as Weezy and Baby and debuted at #17 on the charts with 47k sold. European femcee sensation, Lady Sovereign, jumped onto the charts with Public Warning at a solid #48 with just under 20k sold. The biggest laugh on the charts has got to be Brittney’s soon to be ex-husband, Kevin Federline. K-Fed’s debut album Playing With Fire became a joke as his Brittney affiliation couldn’t even push him past 10,000 sales. Playing With Fire pushed a paltry 6500 units to debut at #151 on the charts.

John Legend just can’t be stopped. Legend “Once Again” had a strong showing landing at #4 after an impressive outing last week. In his second week, Legend sold another 114k albums to put him at 346k overall in just 2 weeks. Diddy and Lloyd Banks continue their freefall on the charts. Press Play landed at #20 this week and sold only 42k units in its third week to put the total at just under 275k overall. Rotten Apple didn’t fare much better. Lloyd Banks sophomore outing sold only 19k units in its 4th week putting it at #43 with a pretty pitiful (by G-Unit standards) 234k sold overall.

Jibbs continues to hang low while Ludacris keeps on trucking. Jibbs Featuring Jibbs sold only 24k in its second week on the charts (71k overall) to land at #33 on the charts this week. Ludacris, on the other hand, continues his strong showing with another 48k sold this week. This pushes Release Therapy to 642k sold overall in 6 weeks (#18 this week).