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Update: Alleged Remy Ma Assault Victim Speaks Out

Posted By on September 14, 2007

Sydney Holmes, a Bronx man who says he was assaulted by Remy Ma's entourage because of his connection to a witness in Remy's shooting case, recently revealed details about the incident.

As previously reported, Remy (born Remy Smith ) was charged on Wednesday (September 12) with witness-tampering and gang-assault charges after prosecutors claimed she ordered an assault on Holmes and a witness' boyfriend at a Bronx nightclub. Prosecutors believe Remy wanted to intimidate the witness who allegedly saw her shoot Makeda Barnes-Joseph in July.

Holmes recounted the incident to New York's Daily News saying that he and his unidentified friend were minding their own businesses at the club when Remy's boyfriend and his crew stared them down before attacking them.

"I was fighting seven dudes by myself," Holmes explained. "I was just defending myself. Now my jaw is broken in two places and I have a plate in my chin for the rest of my life."

While Holmes endured a broken jaw, the witness' boyfriend suffered a black eye and a fractured bone in his face.

Holmes, who revealed that he is a longtime friend of Barnes-Joseph, said he doesn't know whether Remy ordered the assault but wants the rapper brought to justice.

"I have nothing against Remy but I just want justice to be done," he emphasized. "How can they break my jaw and still be walking the streets? It's crazy right now with my sister being shot. I told Makeda, we're going to go through this together."

Prosecutors had originally charged Remy with attempted murder for Barnes-Joseph's shooting but recently dropped it to assault after evidence revealed that the gun may have gone off accidentally.

In a statement sent to TMZ, Remy's publicist, Duran Brown, offered another side of the story.

"To clarify, the assaulted male is not a witness in this case," she said. "To sway public opinion the most recent indictment or 'accusation' has been released to the public in faith that it causes doubt of Remy Ma's innocence, rather then highlighting the fact that this case has now turned into an assault plea. Remy Ma maintains her innocence of all charges and will continue to do her best as an entertainer, mother, friend, and entrepreneur for the betterment of her continually successful career."

Remy, who has plead not guilty to all the charges, is due back in court on September 20.