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We Are Thankful – This Past Year In Hip Hop

Posted By on November 27, 2008

    This past year hip hop has had it’s many up’s and down’s. This Thanksgiving we wanted to name just a FEW of the things we, as hip hop fans, are grateful for…

    Thank you T.I. for flipping the script. Getting popped on federal weapons charges and turning it into a year-long promotional tour for your album, you are a true pimp.

    We are thankful for Lil Wayne proving that there is NOT such a thing as too much. Thank you Weezy F. Baby for providing us with a seamlessly never ending amount of new music while keeping us wanting more. Let’s not forget your arrests and court appearances in between your cancelled shows, but we know that’s all bullshit. An no one can forget going platinum in one week, you are the original bling hot boy!

    We are thankful for all the innovations in music that not only help create new great music but also help to give us things to laugh at like the overuse of Auto-Tune.

    Thank you 50 Cent for never being one to hold your tongue and constantly starting new beefs, without you we wouldn’t have some of this past years’ biggest stories. While we are at it, the few members left in G-Unit should be thankful for not being kicked out. What up Buck?

    Thank you DMX for being one of our favorite rappers growing up and now providing new arrest and legal headlines to fill our news feeds with. A true Ruff Ryder.

    Kanye, thank you for being a truly unique artist. Between your many blog posts and your fights with the Paparazzi we have plenty to balance out the great music you provide to music fans.

    Thank you God for giving Travis Barker and DJ AM the ability to jump out of that jet so we didn’t lose two great contributors to hip hop music.

    Ice T and Soulja Boy, thank you for providing us with a very entertaining YouTube video war although we think Ice should stick to Law & Order so SB can go back to inventing dances. Bird Walk WHAT!

    Thank you Paul Wall and Chamillionaire for ending your beef and re-uniting to ensure another year of great Houston rap music, keep it chopped & screwed!

    Rick Ross we didn’t forget about you. We are grateful for your huge correctional officer scandal. Even though you totally denied that was you in that picture, the almighty smoking gun helped clear the air. Stay up though, it makes no difference. You are still the BOSS!

     On another note, our love and prayers go out to the families of Pimp C, MC Breed, Dr. Donde West, Bernie Mack, Issac Hayes, Xzibit’s new born son, Chris Baker, Charles Stills and everyone else we couldn’t remember half awake before bed. You will all be missed.

    Finally we are grateful for the many things to come. From hip hop’s newest and most promising rappers to new albums from Eminem, 50 and Dre, we are truly excited. The three-headed monster is coming!

    It’s time for turkey… PS- Please don’t hate on our list, as our brother Proof used to say, we are just trying to “Keep Hip Hop Aliiiiiiiiive!