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Redman Co-Signs Kat Stacks; Gives Advice

Posted By on May 11, 2010

     New Jersey's Garden State member, rapper Redman, recently sat down to talk about Kat Sticks, giving the self-proclaimed Young Money groupie career advice. "I'm a grown a** man, I'm grown as f*ck," Red saiy thing I say is when you get that atd in an interview. "I'm tuning in and seeing what's going on. Somebody
told me about the Kat Stacks — I think she's cute, I gotta love her
because she's my people, she's my heritage, she's my culture. I just
want her to have a goal. What's your goal after that? I'm sure she's
smart, I'm sure she's got other sh*t going on besides f*cking with
giving out numbers. When you get on the Internet, use that sh*t to your
advantage…You get on the Internet and do some sh*t that's outta
control and getting people's attention and then draw them into some real
sh*t about what you can invest in yourself and get money from the
Internet. You don't want to just hang on to the 'Yo, I'm that b*tch that
got this' or whatever…Kat Stacks, go get that money. You got them
locked in, tuned in to that light skinned beauty sh*t and you go get
that money…Who you f*ck nowadays is old news, it's so much sh*t going
on on the Internet — she got people attention, onltention, switch that sh*t around."

Redman – Talks About Kat Stacks, Co-Signs Kat Stacks