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Redman Talks Joe Budden “Method Man Got This”

Posted By on May 19, 2009

    Redman recently weighed in on the whole Method Man / Joe Budden issue. Recently Redman told Ed Lover (while visiting his Power 105 radio station) "I just laughed at it at first. I’m a Jersey dude and he a Jersey dude so he already knows the business," Redman continued "I know my man [Method Man] got this. If he needs me to step in, I’m in. I’m already in it anyway. Its gonna stay on the rap level too."

    Budden continues to stand by his comments. "That’s how I feel. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it," Budden said. "Its not like I said, I’ll chop his head off and that’s the end of it. I said, “I’ll chop his head off and I’m willing to prove it." Method Man recently said "I would love for him to say ‘I’ll chop his head off’ face to face." Meth contined "He needs to come see me face to face. I don’t want none of that back and forth on the internet."

    In related news, the making of Redman and Method Man's new "Blackout 2" continues to hit the net with part 2 today. [watch here] Joe Budden also recently released the video for "Roll Call" a previously unreleased street video from his "Mood Muzik 3" [watch here]

Method Man, Redman – Making Of Blackout 2 – (Part 2)


Joe Budden – Roll Call (smack)