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Redman Says Record Sales Dont Mean Anything

Posted By on November 4, 2010

     Redman recently shared up his opinion on whether record sales in 2010 mean anything and why he focuses on being respected as opposed to selling units. Redman thinks his music represents a movement and he should not be judged on how many copies he sales.

      "You gotta understand, we're doing a movement," Red said in an interview. "It's not just about record sales. F*ck how many motherf*ckers got the biggest sales and all that. That don't mean sh*t. Motherf*ckers be having high a** sales but not respected in the street, not respected for the culture. It's not about sales no more, it's about a movement. Who's gonna follow that movement? Red and Meth are the smoking movement. Any time we drop an album, y'all should be at the f*cking store, whether you like it or not and buy the f*cking album. December 7th, Reggie." (Best of Both Offices)


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