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Redman Introduces Reggie Noble (Video)

Posted By on November 30, 2010

     Redman recently broke down how he came up with and the details behind his alter ego, "Reggie Noble." Redman says that his alter ego allows him to rap over beats outside of hip hop.

"I went in on the album. It's not a Redman album, it's a Reggie album so it's like 'Redman Presents Reggie' so it's no skits, no 'Superman Loova' on it, none of the Redman antics y'all are used to on the album. Something different — it's not really like an alter ego, it's like an alter ego in the music, as far as the love of music. As far as Redman, you always have to be hip-hop because everyone's expecting it, you can just drop hip-hop beats. Reggie Noble, he's just all around music, international. I want to do all kinds of music every where. I would do house music, techno, I would rap over bongos if I got to. It don't matter." ("Tim Westwood TV")

Redman – Breaks Down His Reggie Noble Alter Ego