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Redman Says Def Jam Isn’t A Leader

Posted By on November 30, 2010

     Def Jam artist Redman recently aired out his label by speaking about thier inability to adapt to the current musical climate, explaining why Def Jam has lost their place as a one-time leader in the music industry.

"Well [now], Def Jam are not leaders. They're not leaders plain and simple, because it's changed. They're not leaders like they used to be. In the '90's they were leaders. They were the label that you considered the mechanics of hip-hop; they're under the car. They were the ones under the car getting greasy, getting dirty, fixing that muffler that drags when everybody loved that sh*t and was following it. Now they're playing the follower. They're followers, they're not building artists no more like they should. And that's just the game. It's not they fault. We got into the Internet world and sh*t is moving fast and came so fast and came so quick that labels couldn't exist, but still they got the money and they're a company. They're supposed to adjust. I think they need to get that going. Being a label, being on top." (XXL Mag)


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