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Redman Wants To Be An Exec At Def Jam

Posted By on December 8, 2010

     After saying that his label was not the powerhouse it once was, Def Jam artist Redman now says that he would like to help by becoming an executive at the label like Jay-Z once did. Redman says that placing him on the throne would benefit the company.

"I wish next term I could become vice-president of Def Jam," Red revealed in an interview. "I would try to conduct business in a business manner, but I would also try to find that niche that Def Jam has been missing to control the whole artists and make all the artists happy. You can't have unhappy artists over here and happy artists over here. It's just not working. So I would definitely sit down and try to plan, 'OK, what can we do? We have our pop artists over here, we have our new artists here, but then we have artists here that been keeping this b*tch going. What do we do for them?' I'll try to find that niche." (Rap-Up)

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