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Rich Boy Tones Down His Lyrics

Posted By on June 23, 2009

    Rich Boy has been out of the spotlight for a while now but the southern rapper has a new album coming and recently talked about calming down his drug-based lyrics and even promises to become one of the top ten emcees when he leaves the hip hop game. "[The album] is going to be more substance, man, because what had happened was, it messed my head up, I was riding through this project called Roger Wiliams, and this kid had asked me, 'Why you rap about crack so much, Richy,'" he explained in an interview.

    Rich Boy continues, "And it just messed my head up to the point where I couldn't get mad at the little cat. I was just like, I could tell he seen something real dealing with crack. So I was just like, 'Man, for the kids like that, I'd rather change my topic.' If I know kids like that are listening to me…But not fully. I'm going to keep it real and rap about the sh*t I've seen, but I'm not going to glorify it…When I leave out the game, when I stop, I'm gonna be top 10…And I put this on everything. I'm gonna be top 10."