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Rich Homie Quan Speaks On Seizures And Being Hospitalized

Posted By on May 7, 2014

Rich Homie Quan recently suffered a few seizures and was rushed to the hospital. The “Type Of Way” rapper took to Twitter to address concerned friends ands fans.



Rich Homie Quan’s record label, Think It’s A Game Entertainment, also released a statement concerning the incident:

“We just want to say thank you to everybody who was praying for him and appreciate everybody support. He’s doing well, he’s just resting right now. They released him from the hospital last night. He’s just resting up. We’re not going to be doing any shows for a little while until he gets better, but he’s in good health, and he’s in good spirits. He’s just resting right now. He was initially at Grady Memorial Hospital then was moved to Piedmont Hospital. He fell and suffered a gash over his eye and abrasion on his face. But he’s good now. He just been working hard. I think it was more so exhaustion. He’s going to be doing shows; he just taking a break. It was a traumatizing experience. I can’t give an exact date when he’ll be better, but right now he’s just going to take some time off to be better. We just thank everybody for the support. Everybody all over just has been so supportive in this whole ordeal, and that really helps not only him but the team, just to know that many people really support the movement. We’re just thankful that people are actually that concerned and supportive.”