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Rick Ross Reveals New Album Title “Mastermind”

Posted By on January 8, 2013

One thing can be said for sure; Rapper – Rick Ross did not, in any way, leave his flair for the dramatic in 2012. Ross unveiled the title of his latest LP (Mastermind) in rare Rick Ross (The Maybach Boss) form. Using a cinematic video trailer that was two minutes, forty-five seconds in length, Ross teased fans with a panoramic view of is spacious waterfront home, a gorgeous, sparely clad damsel, a briefcase filled with cash money, and plenty of other items reflecting the rapper’s exorbitant lifestyle. Setting the stage for what many may consider the most tantalizing three minutes on film.

In a skilled mergence of past and present, the female actress in the video thumbs through old vinyl LP’s of music legends of the past. Legends such as Sade, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson. She chooses from this collection, Cutis Mayfield’s soundtrack album from the 1972 classic “Super Fly” and in perfect sync with the beginning of a panoramic scan by the camera, the instrumental to “Give Me Your Love” begins to play. During this time the fans are introduced a number of Ross’ finer things, so to speak. The music is playing and the sun begins to descend into the stratus of a beautiful sunset, at the same time Ross meets his damsel in the hot tub, at that moment Mayfield begins his first verse and the screen fades to black, revealing the title: Mastermind.

Mastermind is the much anticipated 6th LP by the popular rapper. Mastermind is the much taunted follow up to “God Forgives, I don’t”, which is has been nominated for 2013 Grammy in The Best Rap Album category. If Ross has put half of the creativity he put into this trailer into this new album, success is inevitable. At this particular point, no release date has been set, although there seems to be a consensus that the album will drop some time this year.

Rick Ross – Mastermind Trailer Video: