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Rick Ross Takes A Shot At 50 Cent

Posted By on January 26, 2009

    Rick Ross released a new semi-autobiographical song titled "Mafia Music" [listen here] and saved part of a verse to address 50 Cent and his baby-mama-drama. In the new song, Ricky says "I'm stepping on your crew 'til the motherf*ckers crunch / And making sweet love to every woman that you lust/I love to pay your bills, can't wait to pay your rent/Curtis Jackson baby mama ain't looking for a cent/Burn the house down, gotta buy another/Don't forget the gas can, jealous motherf*cker…" [listen here]

    Ross hinted at the 50 Cent reference telling MTV "I can't lie: I'm dropping the B-side. It's titled 'Mafia Music' and it's gonna cause a lot of problems. It's a scathing four-and-half-minute nonstop flow, me being autobiographical about my life and my come-up and my triumph. Of course, I had to address a few things, I had to address a few people."

    Listen to Rick Ross in "Mafia Music" – Click Here