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Rick Ross Crashes His Rolls Royce While Escaping a Shooting Attack

Posted By on January 28, 2013

The Maybach Boss, Rick Ross, came under fire, literally, earlier this morning. According to numerous sources, including TMZ.com, Maybach Music Group CEO Rick Ross was ambushed on Fort Lauderdale’s Los Olas Boulevard, near 15th Avenue. While sitting at a light another vehicle pulled up next to Ross’ Rolls Royce Phantom and began shooting.

Ross, who is believed to be the driver at the time of the incident, also had a female passenger in the car. Under a barrage of gunfire, Ross sped off in an attempt to escape to safety. While frantically attempting to get away, Ross crashed his Rolls Royce Phantom into a building, causing significant damage.

Although shaken up, both, Ross and his female companion, were not struck by the onslaught of bullets; over twelve rounds were fired.

At this time it is not clear whether this was a random robbery attempt of if Ross was singled out as a part of an attack from a personal enemy.

At the time of publishing this article no statement has been issued by Rick Ross or any representatives from The Maybach Music.

Local Ten News was able to obtain a photograph of Ross’s Wrecked Phantom. Witnesses say that Ross was visibly shaken up after the crash.