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Police Say that Rick Ross Was Behind the Wheel During Car Shooting

Posted By on January 29, 2013

According to the official police report, Rick Ross was definitely behind the wheel of his Rolls Royce Phantom this morning when unidentified assailants begin firing at him. It has been reported that Ross sped away from the assault, but subsequently wrecked his Phantom into a building. The shooters fled the scene after the crash. The passenger in the car was Shateria L. Moragne-el, who has been identified as a female companion of Ross.

Police say that neither Ross nor Moragne-el were injured by the gunfire or the car wreck. At current there has been no leads on who the suspects were and there are no clear motives for the attack.

The lack of bullet holes in the car, considering the close proximity of the shooters, has left some to speculate that the entire incident was a hoax. At the top of the list of those that are not buying the incident is Ross’s Arch Nemesis, 50 Cent. 50 Cent posted a picture of the wrecked car on twitter and pointed out that there were no holes in the car and then stated: “It looks staged to me”.

Ross was returning home from celebrating his 37th birthday at Miami’s LIV Night Club, where Diddy was reported to be in attendance.