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Diddy Set To Be Co-Executive Producer For Rick Ross’ “Mastermind” Album

Posted By on February 6, 2014

Rick Ross is gearing up for the March 4th release of his sixth studio album “Mastermind” under Maybach Music Group/ Def Jam. We have now learned that music mogul Diddy will be a co-executive producer for the album.

Ross explained in a press release how it only made sense for him to add Diddy on to the album because he has had an amazing track record for success.

 “Diddy is one of the greatest producers of all time and someone I respect,” Ross says in a press release. “He has a proven track record of not only creating hit records but also classic albums. It just made sense for me to have him be a part of this process.” 

 Diddy explained in a press release that it will take a few different people to help him when dealing with Ross’ “Mastermind” project.

“It’s a team effort,” Diddy says in a press release. “Ross, [DJ] Khaled, Gucci Pucci and I are like a family. The goal for Mastermind was to create a classic album. Once we put all our superpowers together we knew there was nothing stopping us from accomplishing our goal.”