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Rick Ross Says He Will Shatter Everyone

Posted By on February 20, 2009

    Rick Ross says that his new release will "shatter" the competition. "I'mma say this, on Deeper Than Rap, there is a 'Maybach Music, Pt. 2,' and it is special," Ross said in an interview. "I gotta shout out WeezyMary J. Blige, she's the voice of that R&B hip-hop sound…It was just a pleasure for her to get in the studio and lace me with a classic"

    Ricky's new album "Deeper Then Rap" will feature guest spots from Lil Wayne, Mary J Blige, Avery Storm and more on songs like 'Magnificent', 'Mafia Music', 'On Top of the World', 'Cigar Music', 'Usual Suspects', 'Maybach Music, Pt. 2' and more."

    As previously reported, Ross recently fired back at 50 Cent by releasing another diss song [watch here].  Ross even shot a video for his previous diss in which he goes to 50's home town (New York) to ask "where's he at" [watch here]


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