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Rick Ross Speaks On How He Ended Feud With Jeezy

Posted By on February 26, 2014

Rick Ross Speaks On How He Ended Feud With Jeezy

Rappers Rick Ross and Jeezy recently ended their beef between one another. T.I. recently explained how he helped the two squash the beef and now Rick Ross has finally come forth to speak on how they put the past beef behind them.

According to Ross, the two ran in to each other by chance and ended up talking things over.

 “Right,” Ross said when radio host Angie Martinez referenced the feud coming to an end. “[Is it really squashed?] Most definitely. You know at the end of the day, it was never any bloodshed or any money loss between us. So to a real boss, anything other than that is small talk. That’s something you can fix. We ran into each other and it just so happened his team of homies was on the other side of the door and my team was. It most definitely was a [tense moment], you don’t know how it’s gonna go down. But you know, we both just bossed up, chopped it up. We did it for the South, we did it for the culture.” (“The Angie Review”)

Atlanta rapper T.I. recently spoke on his influence on the two ending their issues between each other.

 “I ain’t gonna say I brokered peace and got them in the studio, I simply said to one of my closest partners in the game — Young Jeezy — I simply said to him, ‘We done did as much as we can do with this. It’s gone as far as we can take it, ain’t nothing else to do’,” he told MTV News on Tuesday while he was driving up to Los Angeles. (MTV)

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